A weekend trip to Belgium: 3 cities, 2 days and 1 ... no idea... 

so classic, right?

Who doesn't like balloons? We're all little children enjoying simple (and colourful) things!

My favourite place in Ghent! I took too many pictures of this window, far too many... (and then I wonder how it's possible that my SD card is full)

Bikes - my favourite subject in photography. But let's just stick to photography! Cycling has never been my strong suit. 

aaaaa!! So many colours! 

And here comes a bit less mainstream image of Ghent

and even less mainstream

Getting lost in the streets of Le Panier - the oldest district of Marseille.

I amsterdam
 “Here people cycled with a reckless swagger, talking on the phone and eating breakfast.”
― David Nicholls

Even though I come from Warsaw (and I should probably say that the capital wins this long-time
rivalry between the two cities), I have to admit that I LOVE CRACOW. 

Strolls in the countryside are always inspiring and then you realise that, regardless of all the achievements of our civilisation, nature and its beauty are unsurpassed.  

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